Thursday, September 29, 2005

Debbie's Montipora capricornis

I added this Sierra Saltwater Systems propagated Montipora capricornis to Debbie's 72G reef tank over a year ago and it has seen tremendous growth under the T5 lighting. The capricornis is one of the more popular SPS (small polyp stony) coral found in reef aquariums. The swirling plates of the coral are unmistakable, a familiar and appealing growth pattern. The Monti cap is easily fragged for propagation, with broken pieces readily encrusting and starting new growth. Proper flow is necessary for the coral to achieve multiple layers characteristic of this morphology. Fast growers, these corals are highly recommended as first corals for new SPS reef tank hobbyists.

This is the same coral at a much younger age. Debbie maintains near natural sea level calcium and alkalinity rates with the use of ESV B-Ionic Calcium/Alkalinity buffer system.

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