Friday, October 07, 2005

The LPS Fungia Coral

The LPS (Large Polyp Stony) Fungia is an attractive short tentacle plate coral that is often found in a circular shape. Each coral is actually a single polyp with its mouth located near the center of its dome shaped body. The fungia are some of the most colorful LPS corals found in the aquarium trade. Usually found in shades of red, green and purple, they are also available in blue, brown, pink, yellow and orange. Fungia's are found on the reef slope and soft bottom free of waves and high current. Often found in large populations the family does not "sting" each other and can be found with many different species. This coral like the Helio fungia can walk the length of an aquarium, and back, until it finds a comfortable resting place. Placement of the Fungia should be taken with care because the corals movement can result in injury or death to another coral, usually never the Fungia.

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