Monday, March 31, 2008

Podcast: MARS 3/08; Randy Reed - Reef Nutrition

Marine Aquarist Roundtable of Sacramento was fortunate to have Randy Reed, owner and marine expert Gresham Hendee of Reef Nutrition speak to our club this month. Sierra Saltwater Systems has been using Randy's products for many years. I have tried other phytoplankton, but to be honest, Reef Nutrition's Phyto Feast and Phyto Feast Live are a superior product over any other phytoplankton that I have used. A simple eye dropper test under a microscope will prove it. Using Phyto Feast in a refugium with Chaetomorpha algae will not only feed the algae, but will also feed your Copepod population and their reproduction rate will multiple if used daily.

I use Reef Nutrition's Tigger Pods to seed a new aquarium and kick start a pod population. Tigger Pods are Tigriopus califoricus and they are live animals. They were originally collected from California tide pools which go through numerous water quality changes daily which make them perfect for the home aquarium. They are now reproduced at Reef Nutrition's farm.

Randy also introduced Reef Nutrition's newest product, "Fuzzy Phytes". Fuzzy Phytes are little balls of Red Acrochaetium algae that float in the water column. Tangs especially love them.

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