Sunday, April 13, 2008

PODCAST: MAX (Marine Aquarium Expo) Ike Eigenbrode 4/6/08 - 56:27

Ike Eigenbrode did a fantastic talk on electrical usage in a reef aquarium. He really broke it down and I walked away with the need to figure out exactly how much it costs to run my shop.

From the MAX website; Ike Eigenbrode is currently the VP of Marketing at Current USA, Inc. of Vista, CA. A 17-year veteran in the aquarium industry, Ike has a B.S. degree in Biology from University of Central Florida and studied Aquaculture at the Florida Institute of Technology.

While in college, Ike worked at a tropical fish hatchery as a fish pathologist worked extensively on a large scale marine fish and invert holding system. He has taught classes on numerous subjects including aquaculture system design, aquaponics and water quality monitoring systems.

Ike is also an avid marine fish hobbyist and personally has a small scale coral fragging system.

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