Sunday, April 13, 2008

PODCAST: MAX (Marine Aquarium Expo) Marc Levenson 4/6/08 - 1:33:37

Marc Levenson, "Melev" on the web, gave an in depth talk on designing and building acrylic sumps. After his talk, I have a new found respect for the work that my acrylic fabricators do for me.

From the Marine Aquarium Expo speaker bio page; My real name is Marc Levenson, but online I'm known to many as melev. I've been in the hobby for about 10 years and my Percula clownfish (the first fish I bought) is still with me to this day. I run a website called that is there to help hobbyists everywhere. My site started off as a single page many years ago, talking about my 29g, but then grew longer and longer. It was like a never-ending blog, until one day I started page 2 about a new project for my tank - a sump. Over time, the site grew to include additional topics of interest such as acrylic work, photography, solutions to pests, information about my tanks, lighting, feeding, and more. There is always something new being added as time permits. Now entire sections are themed so that you can stay in a particular line of thinking. I've even begun the task of translating some popular pages into other languages to reach more individuals globally.

I've been online for years, originally running a BBS called The Kingdom, run on an Atari STe back when high speed was a 2400 baud modem. That site was up for 7 years. More recently, I've been a part of a podcast for reefkeepers, which now has 25 different episodes available for download. Most of them are audio only in mp3 format but there are a few vidcasts mixed in for your viewing pleasure. We keep it casual, fun, and still cover a variety of topics to help you be successful reefkeepers.

I've been a fan of MACNA since 2002, been on the BOD for for over a year, then on the BOD for DFWMAS for at least 4 years. I've been the club president of DFWMAS for three of those years, working to keep the membership growing and provide interesting content both online and at our monthly meetings. I’ve also, written a few magazine articles, and was a contributing author to an e-book called Reefkeeping Basics.

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