Thursday, August 04, 2005

Coral Magazine: From the Editor

Kathleen Wood, Editor for the U.S. publication of Coral Magazine wrote a fantastic article about patience as a key to success in keeping reef or fish only aquariums. I subscribe to Coral Magazine for many of my customers to help them learn about keeping marine animals. This issue has a wonderful subject matter on keeping sea urchins. Urchins are fantastic additions to reef tanks. They do a great job in keeping undesirable algaes in control and even help promote coralline algae growth by releasing spores as they eat. Unfortunately, urchins can not be kept in acrylic aquariums due to the fact that they will scratch the surface of the aquarium as the eat diatoms off of the acrylic. Pick up a copy of Coral today at your local fish store. Their articles and photography are the best in the hobby industry.

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