Saturday, January 19, 2008

MARS Podcast: January 2008 - Kelly Jedlicki

MARS (The Marine Aquarist Roundtable of Sacramento) was treated to a special presentation by Kelly Jedlicki (not my photo to the left) of Louisville, Kentucky last night on Fish Disease, Husbandry and Treatment.

I have decided to take on the role of providing the MARS members an audio podcast of each months speakers presentation, which I will also share with my customers or anyone that stumbles upon my website via a search engine. I am not taking on the Historian board position with the organization due to potential conflicts with my business, but rather just providing a service.

Kelly is a long-time aquarist and hobby contributor working in the medical profession with a very long of list of credentials. She brings her knowledge and empathy for all animals and life to the practice of aquariology. Areas of expertise include pathology, disease prevention and management, predatory marine fishes, elasmobranchs and seahorses. Her special love and study of pufferfishes earned her the moniker "puffer queen' by the highly respected reef photographer and writer Scott Michael. She applies her practical wisdom daily to an aquatic collection totaling around 3000 gallons of seawater. With seventeen years of industry experience, her accreditation includes elected board positions such as President and Vice president of the Louisville Marine Aquarium Society, which has successfully hosted three MACNAs, and Vice President of MASNA. Kelly has her own forum, “Disease, Health & Wellness, on She has published articles on puffer husbandry, dentistry and cholelithiasis as well as shark husbandry. She has presented both nationally and internationally.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The 2007 Posts That Didn't Happen

Here are a number of posts that I started, yet didn't complete last year. With my new high speed internet connection I am hoping to avoid getting new posts started and then not completing.

These posts are as far as I got in the text writing and design, so they are not complete. I just want to share them as they are.

If you have any questions about any particular images, shoot me a comment at the end of the post.

A Trip to ASAP and Pan Ocean
I recently spent a day whith Marshall Grattan, Pet Station, Truckee & South Lake Tahoe, at the only "real" two saltwater wholesalers in Northern California; Aquatic Specialties and Pets and Pan Ocean in Hayward.

Sales at ASAP up until earlier this month have been handled by Steve Robinson. Steve recently cut back his schedule to focus on getting his exporting business, Cortez Marine back in order in Baja, MX.

California Academy of Sciences
I spent a few hours last week at the California Academy of Sciences and the Steinhart Aquarium's temporary resting spot on Howard St (next door to Bucca di Beppo's) in San Francisco. The new aquarium will host the worlds largest reef aquarium filling up to 20,000 gallons. I have a few friends working/volunteering with the coral propagation operations to fill the new tank and all they can say is, "how awesome" it will be. Look for the aquarium to open in the fall of 2008. The Steinhart Aquarium is the oldest, continually operating aquarium in the United States.

Kelloggi tank raised Sea Horse.

Coral Propagation tanks. These tanks are growing the necessary corals to fill the new 20,000 gallon aquarium that is under construction.

Dive Hawaii

Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures, Ed Robinson has made a great business catering to travelers of Maui for over twenty three years and his mission statement of "Our reputation speaks for itself ... ask around." certainly holds true in my daughter Madison and my experience with his company. I contacted my good friend and divemaster of over twenty five years, Greg Harrs of Kona, HI, about dive operations on Maui and Robinson's operation was declared a must in his opinion. Greg is above with his son. Departing from the Kihei Launch at 6:30 AM, we dove Tako Flats at the Molokini Crater and as the crowds and the swell picked up the decsision to move inward to Wailea Point was made.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles - Honu (pronounced hoe-new in Hawaii) All sea turtles in Hawaii are fully protected under state law in addition to the Federal Endangered Species Act. These laws prohibit harassing, harming, killing, or keeping sea turtles in captivity without a permit allowing these activities for research or educational purposes. Divers should be aware that riding turtles is illegal and puts these animals under stress. When returning from foreign countries, U.S. citizens may not enter the United States with any sea turtle products. Violators may receive penalties of up to one year in prison and a $20,000 fine.

Idaho Aquaculture

Idaho Aquaculture is now producing the best, most diverse and healthy stony and soft coral fragments in the aquarium industry. Idaho Aquaculture coral frags (fragments) are well encrusted to the base on which they are grown. Our corals are true hobbyist frags, designed to be grown-out in the home aquarium. They range in size from 1"-2" (small) or 2"- 4" (medium), and are mounted on 1/2" to 1" rock plugs. Idaho Aquaculture frags are truly aquacultured specimens, 6 or 7 generations removed from the original wild colonies. No tissue or skeleton of wild brood-stock corals remain.

Unlike wild caught corals, Idaho Aquaculture corals are all aquacultured. That is, they are raised under aquarium conditions with synthetic sea salt, and artificial lighting. Only a small percentage of sunlight is used to increase growth rates. Prior to distribution, all corals are fully acclimated to artificial lighting.

Avalon Dive Park & The 2007 Catalina Triathlon

Underwater Shots (In an Aquarium)