Monday, December 05, 2005

Mickey's Milestone

The town of Truckee is losing a great asset this week when Mike Mickey and his mother Rose Mary close up their over 20 year old business, Mickey's Pet Stop & Laundermutt. With the loss of Bill Mickey, Rose Mary's husband, and various other challenges, the time has come to close.

I met Mike over 15 years ago while he was still in high school and running the Tahoe City store. Mike would do hands on presentations to teach local school children about the many animals he kept. It was then that I rekindled my childhood interest in fishkeeping.

Mickey's has sold thousands of fish, reptiles and soft furry animals over the years. The Laundermutt has cleaned and trimmed many Tahoe-Truckee dogs and has sold what must be more than a million pounds of quality dog food. It was on many an occasion I overheard parents telling their children they were at the Truckee zoo.

Mike has big plans for the future. As a Reno resident, he plans to continue to use his retail knowledge and open the best aquarium store in the area.

Mickey's has supported my business for many years and I look forward to seeing Mike's plans come to fruition and continuing our excellent business relation/friendship.

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