Thursday, August 10, 2006

C...the Journal of Aquatic Science, Travel and Adventure

For a man who spends endless hours at his computer conversing with literally thousands of hobbyists it's impressive he's able to find time to write and manage a new quarterly publication, C...the Journal of Aquatic Science, Travel and Adventure. Anthony's expertise can be found at Team Marine Depot's "Marine Systems and Husbandry" forum, Reef Frontiers "Reef Corals with Anthony Calfo" and his home pages at Wet Web Media and Anthony Calfo's Reading Trees.

Here's a quote from Anthony on the Marine Depot forum: "It's been a busy year as usual, but a blessing to have good work! I am very proud to announce the release of my latest project: C . . . the Journal of Aquatic Science Travel and Adventure. The image work is stunning and aimed to impress as well as educate... the construction quality of the magazine itself is of the highest - it's the same or better cover stock and body pages than your favorite perfect bound books! This journal is printed on 100# gloss laminated stock with thick 80# pages to hold all the ink from those beautiful pictures!"

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Anthony Calfo, the Book of Coral Propagation; Volume 1 (Volume 2 is in production) and Reef Invertebrates: Selection, Care and compatibility are available at his Reading Trees website.

Anthony has always been a huge supporter of local reef clubs including the Marine Aquarist Roundtable of Sacramento and the Western Marine Conference. This weekend he will be at the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society's "Reef-a-palooza" speaking on Black-Body Radiation, Lighting Technologies and their Spectrums. For a gentleman from Pennsylvania, he travels the world sharing his knowledge monthly.

If you are a fellow admirer of the sea, this journal is for you. If you are a client of mine, you may just start seeing this publication in your hands soon.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers, Robert... I know you to be a dedicated aquarist and a staunch supporter of my writings from the earliest days. I very much appreciate it my friend.

I'l be delighted to hear your feedback (especially any constructive criticisms) after you've had a chance to read the first issue.

And thank you so much, my friend! The word of mouth referrals indeed are lifeblood for a magazine like this. Modesty aside... I feel confident in my writing and the quality of the writers submitting work, but without adequate advertising on my/our part and the subscriptions to follow... the project will die. I've really made a concerted effort here too to keep the quality high (it costs more to produce the mag than the dealers buy it for resale... but ad revs will eventually support that). I even sold my one and only investment property (an old farmhouse :p) to be able to subsidize it so that it does not have to be riddled with advertisements (fine for some mags... but really does not appeal to me to do it for mine).

This mag is a big-time labor of love :p Very happy to say though, that I've enjoyed every bit of it as much or more than anythign I've done to date.

I very much appreciate your supportive PR, my friend :)