Monday, May 28, 2007

540G Cardboard Creation

It sure is nice when a customer can not only tell me what their vision of an aquarium in their home could be, but can show me. One of my current customers Kevin of Truckee recently purchased a new home in the Davis Lake area of Portola. To show me exactly what he was envisioning in his home he spent some time building this cardboard mock up. His new aquarium will contain 72L"x36W"x48T" of water volume, plus a ten inch overflow box, which will total 538 gallons.

Originally planned as an eight foot "island" aquarium, Kevin and his wife Linda opted for the six foot "peninsula" tank, which puts one side up against the wall and acts as a room divider. The filtration work will be completed by Chris Wirth of Blue Planet Waterworks of Vacaville, CA.

-System will have 2 main pumps.
-One pump will draw from the filtration sump and return through the rockwork in the tank at many angles to eliminate any dead spots in the live rock. With Chris' ingenuity and skills much of the flow will be returned to the aquarium through artificially made "live" rock.
-The second pump will draw from the tanks overflow box and return via an Oceansmotions 4Way valve and 4 Omni flex fully adjustable nozzles coming into the top of the tank. This will keep the tank thoroughly mixed, and avoid detritus settling on the bottom.

-Overflow weir screen will catch any large particles and keep any animals from getting into the pumps or filtration.
-Sump tank to accommodate filtration equipment and automation sensors
-Large protein skimmer with needle wheel air injection (extremely energy efficient), adjustable output, and automatic washdown system
-Refugium to hold live rock and macroalgae (Refugium lighting included) for nutrient scrubbing
-Deareation baffles and pump intake strainer to prevent microbubbles from being passed to the tank.
-Phosphate reactor for algae control
-Calcium reactor for trace element addition

All Blue Planet Waterworks equipment is built to last in the severe environments of a commercial setting. Plastic construction for corrosion proofing is used wherever possible without sacrificing strength. All electrical components utilize liquid-tight or drip proof connections if applicable. All piping shall be labeled and safely supported. All installations are performed with the aquarist and ease of service in mind. Chris builds all systems like he would build his own, and stands behind his work.

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