Saturday, January 19, 2008

MARS Podcast: January 2008 - Kelly Jedlicki

MARS (The Marine Aquarist Roundtable of Sacramento) was treated to a special presentation by Kelly Jedlicki (not my photo to the left) of Louisville, Kentucky last night on Fish Disease, Husbandry and Treatment.

I have decided to take on the role of providing the MARS members an audio podcast of each months speakers presentation, which I will also share with my customers or anyone that stumbles upon my website via a search engine. I am not taking on the Historian board position with the organization due to potential conflicts with my business, but rather just providing a service.

Kelly is a long-time aquarist and hobby contributor working in the medical profession with a very long of list of credentials. She brings her knowledge and empathy for all animals and life to the practice of aquariology. Areas of expertise include pathology, disease prevention and management, predatory marine fishes, elasmobranchs and seahorses. Her special love and study of pufferfishes earned her the moniker "puffer queen' by the highly respected reef photographer and writer Scott Michael. She applies her practical wisdom daily to an aquatic collection totaling around 3000 gallons of seawater. With seventeen years of industry experience, her accreditation includes elected board positions such as President and Vice president of the Louisville Marine Aquarium Society, which has successfully hosted three MACNAs, and Vice President of MASNA. Kelly has her own forum, “Disease, Health & Wellness, on She has published articles on puffer husbandry, dentistry and cholelithiasis as well as shark husbandry. She has presented both nationally and internationally.

Double click on the PLAY button to hear her presentation.

If you would like to download the presentation the link is available here:


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