Wednesday, April 09, 2008

PODCAST: MAX (Marine Aquarium Expo) Jake Adams 4/5/08 - 34:37

This is the first of six recordings from the Marine Aquarium Expo, Orange County Fair, this past weekend. The speakers for this conference were set up outside, near the children's touch pool and the Orange County Airport is not too far from the venue. So there is a bit of background noise, but I consider the recordings information worthy enough to post. I have started posting the length of my recordings in the titles from here on out. Jake's talk was 34 minutes, 37 seconds.

This is Jake's bio taken from the MAX page. He spoke on the importance of flow in the aquarium.

Jake Adams is a professional, practicing aquarist who has been an active participant in the national marine aquarium community for over 10 years. He has been educating aquarists of a wide range of marine aquarium topics through frequent articles, podcasts and presentations around the country. He recently founded which provides a free downloadable guide to coral identification for mobile devices and home computers. Jake has a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Science and he will be returning to graduate school to further pursue research in the field of coral reef ecology.

Although aquarists may be developing a basic understanding on the properties of light, they are still very much in the dark when it comes to understanding water flow. This presentation will review some of the science on the interaction of water flow and corals. By applying the properties of moving fluids, it is possible to provide better and more relevant water flow for corals. By offering aquarists some background understanding of how water moves, I hope to encourage coral aquarists to re-evaluate water movement in their aquaria.

I have downloaded Jake's Coral I.D. information and consider it a useful source. I would recommend any hobbyist with an Ipod, PDA or cell phone to download it and bring it along to your local fish store when you go coral shopping.

To download, use this link and navigate on the left hand side of the page .

To play, click the play button below.

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Jeffry R. Johnston said...

I agree ... coralidea is a pretty useful tool. I have it on my Motorola Q and my friend put it on his iPod Touch.