Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marine aquarium Expo, Orange County Fairgrounds April 3-5, 2009

With less than three weeks away, I am really looking forward to attending the Marine Aquarium Expo at the Orange County Fairgrounds, April 3-5. I attended the Expo last year and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. With over 100 vendor booths in a 30,000 square foot showroom that includes retailers, coral farmers and manufacturers, there is something for everyone that attends. This year I am looking forward to seeing many of my Southern Californian suppliers and friends. Including Randy, Gresham and Jake with Reef Nutrition (Northern California), Leng from Eco Systems, Trevor with Bayside Aquarium Supply (Marine Depot) and Chris with RK2. I am also looking forward to hearing Bob Fenner, Marc Levenson, Eric Borneman, Tulio Dell Aquila, Joe Yaiullo and Adam Blundell's intriguing talks.

I am also looking forward to getting a couple of dives in at Hiesler Park in Laguna Beach.

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