Saturday, May 08, 2010

New Account: The Atlantis Steakhouse, Atlantis Casino; Reno, NV - 1100 Gallon Fish Only Aquarium

Big thanks to my clients Tim & Tracy for their notice to me of the issues that were taking place with the Atlantis' recently renovated 1100 gallon aquarium. And an additional thanks to clients Chuck & Cindy for recommending Sierra Saltwater Systems to the owner of the casino.The aquarium has been in place for over twenty years, but the interior reef structure was recently replaced by Poseidon Construction out of Corona, CA. during a major restaurant renovation.

Unfortunately the aquarium currently is unable to house live animals due to improper return flow and low pH. Chris Wirth of Blue Planet Waterworks will be employed to rescue the situation by replacing the current 1.5" plumbing with three inch, adding an overflow skimmer box to remove surface detritus and improving with additional filtration needs.

Look for future posts on the improvements of this aquarium and the stocking in the weeks to come.

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