Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Home Show Design Center Opening NIght

EDIT 6/2007: Bob Principe was convicted of fraud and received a jail sentence. Click here to learn more about his unethical business practices. I was fortunate to not have lossed any money in my dealings with this man, but I did spend a lot of time setting up an aquarium in his showroom and lost a bit of faith in dealing with new acquaintances. I removed the aquarium before his creditors took possession of the building.

Here's a shot of myself and Bob Principe of BPTV and The Home Show Design Center... the Design Center is officially open! Although they already booked over 5 million in remodels and new home construction before their doors were open, they are now open to serve the general public as well. The Center turned out just beautiful so stop by and check it out!

See more photos of the opening night here.

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