Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sierra Saltwater System's 90 Gallon Reef - Video

With hosting help from Minh Nguyen, Assistant Dean of Technology at UC Davis, video has arrived to my blogsite. Click here to see a short pan of my 90 gallon reef tank. This aquarium has been up and running for over six years and I use it as a holding tank for my business, mainly for corals and inverts. All corals go through a half hour Lugols Solution Iodine & Salifert Flatworm Exit dip for the eradication of the Red Planaria flatworm. Lighting is two 250 watt Ushio 10K metal halide bulbs and actinic VHO fluorescent bulbs. Filtration is live rock/sand, LifeReef sump and protein skimmer with a chaetomorpha algae refugium. (This video was filmed with a Nikon 5400 digital camera.)

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