Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays & 2006 Wrap-Up

As is seen with the lack of blog updates, work has increased the past couple of months due to the addition of 13 new clients in the year 2006. I look forward to a great 2007 maintaining and improving all of my clients aquariums. Thank you all!

edit, 12/31/06: Added an additional client, Jerry, Susanne and Family of Incline Village, NV, right before Christmas. I will be creating a 180 gallon reef aquarium in their living room with a LifeReef protein skimmer, sump, refugium, a My Reef Creations calcium reactor, IceCap 3 X 250 watt metal halide lighting with Ushio 10K bulbs, Fishbowl Innovations Moonlights.

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