Saturday, March 03, 2007

Book of Coral Propagation, Vol II

The bible has images! Anthony Calfo's much referred to Book of Coral Propagation is in the process of being re-published and is now available for pre-order through his website .

Anthony is not shy about sharing his knowledge through his experience in the propagation business, which is invaluable. His writing style is easy to read and enjoyable.

I recommend this book to any of my clients who are not afraid to get their hands wet, use a dremel tool or Xacto knife, a little super glue or fishing line and passing on a bit of their reef.

I recently pre-ordered the book through his website (he makes a bit more money if ordered through his website, rather than Amazon or the larger online aquarium suppliers) and he sent me this nice reply.

"Cheers Robert,

Thank you for your book pre-order and your continued support, my friend. I remember back in 2001 that you were one of the first folks to pre-order the first edition of this book!

I look forward to sharing this new edition with you very soon :)

As always, I pray that you enjoy the read and find great merit in the work.

With kind regards,

Anthony Calfo"


elaine said...

I just heard about you from a friend who writes for Tahoe Quarterly! I'm excited to see a specialist with a blog in this area. I've been wanting to start a smallish saltwater aquarium but really don't know how to go about it. I'll check out your recommended books. Thanks!

Robert Ordway said...

Thank you for your kind words A. Elaine. Please do look into the books I've mentioned on my blog. The BOP/Calfo book may be a bit for a beginner, but The Conscientious Aquarist by Robert Fenner would be a geat start. Look at for his books. Please do let me know if you have any questions. -Robert