Monday, December 29, 2008

Coming Soon! : ReefLife Magazine

I have been giving my clients copies of Coral Magazine's bimonthly issues since volume one, number one; February/March 2004; Seahorses. It has become a very valuable selling and learning tool for my company and customers. I was speaking with publisher Leng Sy at the Reef-a-Palooza event, Orange County Fair Grounds in September and informed him how much my customers enjoy receiving their copies and how my livestock sales inevitably go up when there is a "hot" cover story.

I was bit alarmed when I received the following letter from Leng in the mail a couple weeks ago.

Dear Valued Subscribers:

First of all, we'd like to thank you for your support for Coral magazine over the past five years. It is precisely the enthusiasm you have shown for what we hope has been a very high-quality publication that has led to our decision to sever ties with our German counterpart, Koralle. Instead, we are in the process of designing what we hope will be an even better magazine. To that end, the October/November 2008 issue was the last issue of Coral we will be publishing.

Our decision to cease producing Coral was not made lightly. However, we feel we can offer our readers higher-quality information in a more timely manner by taking control of our own publication.

As you will learn in the upcoming months, we will be providing readers with up-to-date information from world experts in the various disciplines that contribute to coral reef aquarium keeping, as well as details of the latest animals available to the trade. The first issue of ReefLife will be out on the stands in Spring 2009 and publication will continue on a bimonthly basis. Additionally, we will soon be launching the ReefLife web site, where we will be providing you with updates on the truly exciting content you can expect to find in the magazine.

The Coral Magazine web site will continue to be used as a site for purchasing back issues of Coral. For more details, go to the Back Issues page.

Again, we thank you for all your past support and hope you will continue on with us as we produce the best marine aquarium publication ever!

ReefLife Magazine

I am looking forward again, to volume one, number one of a new and exciting product from Leng Sy.

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