Saturday, May 23, 2009

U.V.P. - Last Week Photos

Madi and Scott prepare for their first descent in the SeaMobile, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.

Sid drives the sub and deflates the ballasts.

It was "Youth Day" in Emerald Bay last Sunday, 5-17-09. Sid Loomis (L) and Madi Ordway (R) are the Undersea Voyager Projects Youth Ambassadors for the Lake Tahoe expeditions. The youths have learned how to drive and submerge the submarine, care for the vehicle and the use of the life support system with proper communication skills to bottomside.

Madi and Sid listen to Scott Cassell's interview on "Good Day Sacramento" at the Tahoe City Marina.

Mark S. Allen interviews Scott Cassell.

Madi and Sid get their 30 seconds of fame when they get interviewed for the "Good Day Sacramento" segment.

Madi and Sid do some post dive inspection work for a cut-in on "Good Day Sacramento".

Madi and Scott 30 feet deep in the Sea Mobile checking out the wrecks of Emerald Bay.

Madi and Scott in Emerald Bay. In 1969, Emerald Bay was recognized as a National Natural Landmark by the federal Department of the Interior. In 1994, California State Parks included the surrounding water of the bay as a part of the park, making Emerald Bay one of the first underwater parks of its type in the state, protecting the various wrecks and other items on the bay's bottom.

Madi shot this short video with the Flip camera from the inside of the Sea Mobile in Emerald Bay.

Madi, on the far right, scuba diving with the UVP. One thing she wanted to do was to hold on to the sub and let it tow her around.

Madi lowers the Sea Mobile for a dive in Incline Village, NV. (Notice the kid isn't wearing a hood, nor gloves.)

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