Friday, June 12, 2009

Undersea Voyager Project : Study Findings Seminar

Undersea Voyage Project President/CEO Scott Cassell gave a talk to a standing room only crowd of over 300 people (approximately 50 had to be turned away due to fire code regulations)at the Lake Tahoe Community College, South Lake Tahoe, CA, about his six week underwater study of Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake. His topics included invasive species, earthquake faults, ancient trees, trash, river/lake interfaces.

My daughter's involvement with the project is mentioned in track number 17, "Volunteer - Youth Ambassador Acknowledgments, Will Kohnen". The time spent with the UVP was an excellent way for Madison to get involved with scientists, explorers and mentors of her future. She is not completed with the UVP, Scott Cassell has invited her to accompany the group with their studies of the kelp forests of the Channel Islands in Southern California and then diving with the Giant Humboldt Squid in the Sea of Cortez later this summer. The project will return to Lake Tahoe with a submersible that will bring explorers to the deepest part (over 1.600 feet) of the lake.

To listen to Scott Cassell's talk click the play button below.

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